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Free Wills

We know that making your first Will can feel expensive. But we also know how important it is for ensuring your wishes are carried out. That’s why we take part in two brilliant free Wills schemes. 

Find out how we can help with the cost of having your Will written or updated below:

How to take part in National Free Wills Network.

National Free Wills Network is a scheme that we participate in all year round, and allows our supporters who are aged 18 and above to have their Will written or updated for free by a local and participating solicitor.

  1. Get in touch with Becky or Jenny from the Gifts in Wills team at or 020 7424 1853/4.
  2. You'll then be sent a pack with information from participating firms who take part in the scheme.
  3. Complete the declaration form if you wish to take part in the scheme.
  4. Request an appointment with a participating solicitor in your area.

    Every March and October, we take part in Free Wills Month.

    This means if you're aged 55 or over you can have your Will written or updated free of charge, by a solicitor taking part in the scheme. You'll have the opportunity to leave a gift to any of the participating charities, including Diabetes UK. If you're making a Will as a couple, only one of you needs to be 55 or over. 

    1. Go to the Free Wills Month webpage and enter your contact details at the bottom of the page, to see if solicitors are participating in your area.
    2. Choose the charity you'd like to support.
    3. Select an appointment with one of the participating solicitors.
    4. Before your appointment, go to the Free Wills Month website to download and complete the Will Planner.
    5. The number of appointments is limited, so we recommend you book your appointment as soon as you can. The campaign closes once all appointments are booked, which may be before the end of October or March. 

    October Free Wills Month

    We know your loved ones will always come first. But once you’ve made sure your friends and family are looked after, we'd be very grateful if our supporters would kindly consider supporting us - although of course there is no obligation.

    Around a third of what we're able to do to help people living with diabetes is made possible because of gifts in Wills.

    If you do decide to remember us in your Will, thank you so much. It’s because of kind people like you that so many of us live well with diabetes today, rather than despite it. 

    Mary's gift

    Mary’s father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when he was 64 years old – which is her age now. He was fortunate, managing to control his diabetes with medication and diet, but Mary knows that it could have been very different, as it is for many.

    “I'd vaguely thought about leaving a gift in my Will to Diabetes UK, and after seeing that they were part of the Free Wills Month, it urged me to do it. The service was very easy to use and I have already recommended it to other people. There's still a lot of research that needs to be done, but we also need to work hard on educating people about diet and lifestyle. I hope my gift goes towards helping change someone's life”

    Get in touch

    If you'd like more information about Free Wills Month or  National Free Wills Network, please get in touch with Becky and Jenny from our friendly Gifts in Wills team by calling 020 7424 1853/4 or by emailing

    We'd love to be able to thank you personally if you've remembered us in your Will. But whether you tell us is, of course, completely up to you.


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