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World Diabetes Day 2016



World Diabetes Dayfalls every year on 14 November and is a day when millions of people around the world come together to raise awareness of diabetes, and what it’s really like to live with the condition. It’s a global campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) with activity taking place around the world. This year we want everyone to know diabetes. So we're talking about the complications diabetes can lead to and how to avoid them. 

Understanding how serious diabetes is means knowing that in the UK it leads to 65 early deaths every single day. That diabetes causes blindness and kidney disease. That every week there are 1400 cases of heart failure, 540 strokes and 140 lower limb amputations caused by diabetes.

Go blue and help us raise funds

Knowing how to manage your diabetes well is absolutely crucial to help avoid developing complications now and in the future. We are not just raising awareness of the facts, we are raising awareness of how to manage your diabetes in order to prevent complications and how we can support you to do this.




Meet Ross

Ross Taylor went on aDAFNEcourse, for adults with Type 1 diabetes, at King’s College Hospital in London. Ross, who’s 25, decided it was time to go on a course after two severe hypos caused him to fracture a different shoulder on each occasion. Six months since completing the course, it’s a different story.

“I think it’s actually in a weird way really uplifting. 

 And to prevent the complications such as bad hypos, problems with your eyes and your feet as well. It’s five days out of your life and, well, it’s made some huge changes to mine already. 

I feel a lot more in control, more aware of what I’m eating, drinking and doing, and how that affects my blood sugars."





You can help us

We're letting everybody know how they can manage their diabetes so they can lower their risk of complications. You can help us by sharing our updates onTwitterandFacebookwith your friends, families, colleagues, communities and local groups. You can also follow us on Instagram and Snapchat. So please share away. 

Simple information about complications

It's possible to avoid or at the very least delay complications from diabetes. Find out more about diabetes complications and what you need to do to help prevent them. 

The essential care you need

You should get 15 vital checks and services from the NHS every year. They tell you how you're doing with your diabetes and will spot any signs of complications early.Find out more about these health checks

Our Helpline is ready and waiting for you

We know living with diabetes is tough. We know it doesn't give you a day off. We also know how to make life with diabetes a little easier. OurHelplineis staffed by trained counsellors who really understand diabetes. They can provide information about the condition, take time to talk things through and explore emotional, social, psychological or practical difficulties. 

Call: 0345 123 2399*, Monday to Friday, 9am - 7pm*

If you're in Scotland:

Call: 0141 212 8710*, Monday to Friday, 9am - 7pm*


Find out more aboutHelpline Scotland

Go Blue and raise funds

Whether it's at work, school, home or in your local community, Go Blue (the international colour for diabetes) on 14 November 2016 to show your support.

Your fundraising will help us reach our vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm




Organise a Wear Blue day and get everyone involved

Save the date, Monday 14 November

Ask for a £2 donations on the day and create aJustGiving page

It can be anything, from a bright blue tie to facepaint

Create your JustGiving page





Be creative with your own fundraising ideas

Come up with fun ways to raise extra money on the day

Like holding a bake sale of all things blue (using our recipes)

Or having a 'Best dressed in blue' competition

Make a donation today





We're local and waiting to help, get in touch

We've got buckets, collection boxes and much more

We'll help you plan your day and come up with ideas

We'll give youall the infoyou need about raising awareness






Tweet, post, share, shout - it's World Diabetes Day

Use social media to join the millions raising awareness 

Take pictures on the day and post online

Remember to use #WorldDiabetesDay



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