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Technology and diabetes


Technology and diabetes

Technology is changing the way we live our lives and here you can find out how to manage your diabetes with technology, whether it's right for you and what the latest developments in diabetes tech are. 

What is diabetes technology?


The latest in diabetes technology

It's nearly time for our second Type 1 and tech conference. You'll be able to find out the latest in diabetes technology whether you're at the event or watching at home.

See how Emma uses tech to manage her diabetes

Using technology to manage your diabetes is more than just gadgets. Emma uses apps to help with her Type 2 diabetes.

DIY loop system (artificial pancreas)

If you’re interested in using a DIY closed loop system, also known as an artificial pancreas, we've put together an idea of what you can expect.

Whether you're new to diabetes technology or if you've been using it for a long time, there's a place for you on our forum.

Share your advice, find out what others are doing and ask for support. 

Join the conversation on our forum

Medicine Kit

Download our guide Meds and Kit (PDF, 2.8 MB)

This guide includes information on the latest diabetes technologies and treatments that are available in the UK.

How do you feel about technology?

If you're nervous or worried about using tech to manage your diabetes, we've put together this guide to help you feel ready.

Find out what tech works for Peter and his Type 1 diabetes

"Advances to equipment and technology have been life-changing over the last 60 years"
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