Beat the blues



I sometimes feel fed up with my diabetes, but there are lots of people I can talk to about it.

We all feel fed up about things sometimes – it could be something we don’t want to do or somewhere we don’t want to go. It’s normal to feel fed up with having diabetes sometimes too. You might feel down about having injections or hypos getting in the way of having fun. But talking to someone about it will make you feel better.

Even if you don’t think you need to talk to people about your diabetes, you should still tell your friends and your teachers about it so they can help you with your diabetes if you need it. Your mum and dad might tell other people (like your friend’s parents), in case you need help when you are with them.

I've met children my age with diabetes at a Diabetes UK Children's Holiday. Ask your mum or dad to find out more.

I talk to my nurse - she's not just for my Mum and Dad to talk to. My nurse has also put me in touch with somebody my age who has diabetes as well, and we chat about it.

I talk to Mum or Dad, or my sister, and sometimes my granny and granddad. I also talk to my friends.


I talk to a psychologist - pronounced si-col-o-jist. She is really good at helping me cope with my diabetes. You might have one at your clinic or your nurse can contact one for you. 


  • If you feel sad about having diabetes, talking to someone about it should make you feel better.
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