How can I stop getting bruises from injecting?

Question I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and I have got loads of sore bruises from where I have been inejecting - what am I doing wrong?

Libby says

It seems that you have 'loads' of bruises where you inject and that you are only recently diagnosed. You ask what you may be doing wrong? Sometimes when you begin injecting you may perhaps find it hard and not be changing injection sites, which would help with the bruising as your skin could become sensitive if you continued in the same area.

Have you been taken through the 'hows' of administering your insulin either by your diabetes nurse or doctor? Many people new to life with diabetes worry about having to inject themselves. This is a natural response, and with help and support from their diabetes care team, the majority of people adapt very well and find it is not as bad as they feared.

Part of the problem is often that people do not really have an idea of what to expect. Before being diagnosed with diabetes, a person's experience of needles is usually of the long needles used for taking blood from a vein, when in fact the needles used to deliver insulin are much smaller and are designed to enter the layer of fat just under the skin.

When people become used to insulin injections, it generally becomes very routine and many people don't find it painful. People starting insulin treatment need help with injection technique from a healthcare professional. This can ensure that people do not hit a muscle and cause themselves unnecessary pain.

Tips such as changing injection sites regularly or injecting insulin at room temperature can all make injecting easier. When you are first getting used to injections, you might find it helpful to hold an ice cube against the skin for a few seconds, just before you inject. This can help numb the area to any pain.

So perhaps you could get in touch with your doctor or nurse to go through some of this again. Have a look at some of the links below for some more info, and do give us a call if you want to talk through any of this, or email us back.

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