People are talking about me behind my back


I feel like I'm not normal and I just want to speak to other people with diabetes, but no other children in my school have it. In the past I've heard people talking about me behind my back which I find very upsetting.  

Libby says

I am sorry you are feeling like this at the moment. It is difficult when you feel like you are the only one effected by something, it can be hard to talk to others when you don't think they will be able to understand.

Sometimes people can surprise you with your their reactions though and maybe if you speak to your friends who don't have diabetes, they may still be a great support to you.

There is support out there for you. Lots of social networking sites; Support

There are alsosupport weekendswhich you can attend and meet other people your age who have diabetes;

It is a shame that in the past people have talked about you behind your back instead of asking you about things. When people don't understand something, making fun about it and being mean can be a way of expressing their own discomfort.

Perhaps a way to avoid this could be to educate the pupils at your school about diabetes and to give them some understanding of what living with the condition is like. It might be helpful if your teachers could dedicate a lesson slot or assembly to diabetes awareness, letting people know what the condition is all about and how it is treated and dispel some common myths about diabetes too. Maybe your diabetes nurse would be happy to go in and do this?

We have also recently made a short video about Type 1 diabetes and bullying and maybe your school could show this to the students?

Any such lesson wouldn't need to be centred around you having diabetes and if you explain to your teacher that you would like to keep it to yourself then they could hopefully explain their reason for talking about diabetes with the fact that the condition is so often in the news or they could deliver an assembly to coincide with Diabetes Week in June.


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