Family groups

Getting used to having diabetes takes time so it's good to meet other people who've been through it too. A good way to find this help is to join a local Diabetes UK group.

What are they?

These are support groups that give people with diabetes a chance to meet and talk about their diabetes with others. They are all run by volunteers and usually meet once a month, often with someone giving a talk on something like diet or exercise.

Is it all just talking?

As well being a place for support and info, groups also fundraise, campaign to improve local diabetes services, plan social events and outings, and run awareness-raising activities.

Are they really for me?


There are some special family groups for parents and children with diabetes.

Get Mum or Dad to find out more about Diabetes UK groups. Or they can contact the Volunteer Development team by calling 020 7424 1000 or emailing .

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