Type 1 Quest and Adventure

Who are they for?

Diabetes UK Type 1 Quest and Adventure Events are only for children with diabetes. Type 1 Quest is for 8–10 year olds (or 8–11 year olds in Northern Ireland), and Type 1 Adventure is for 11–15 year olds (or 12–17 year olds in Northern Ireland). You'll always be put into groups of a similar age to yours. Younger children are not with teenagers and each age group has its own activities.

What will I get up to?

You can try loads of new activities, depending on which holiday site you go to. There's a whole range of exciting activities like kayaking and rock climbing to take part in, all while making new friends who also have Type 1 diabetes.

During the week you will also go on day trips, and have a barbecue and disco.

I won't know anyone there

Our Type 1 Events are a great place to make new friends – people your own age with diabetes. And our staff will help you get to know everyone. By the end of the event, your new friends will be your best mates and you won't want to leave them!

How much does it cost?

The cost of the holiday includes all activities, accommodation, trips out, food, snacks and ice creams, etc. The only things not included are your travel costs to and from the holiday site and any spending money you take. 

Sign me up!

Type 1 Events take place across the UK between July and October – the dates, locations, prices and application forms are on the main Diabetes UK website and the new ones come out each January.

Any other questions?

Ask your mum, dad or carer to call 0345 123 2399 or email the Events team at eventsteam@diabetes.org.uk.

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