Holidays and travelling



Having diabetes doesn't stop me going on holidays. Mum, Dad and I just plan ahead to make sure I've got everything I need.

Top 10 travel tips

Here are a few things that will help:

1. Chat to your nurse first

Tell your nurse where you're going and for how long. They will tell you if you need to make any changes to your insulin dose and how to make sure you don't run out of insulin or anything else.

2. Don't worry

It's normal for diabetes to be a bit different while you're travelling or on holiday - new types of food and running around more or less might make your blood glucose levels go up and down a bit.

3. Test more

Do a few more blood glucose tests while you're travelling and for the first couple of days of your holiday.

4. Carry snacks

Take plenty of your favourite snacks while you're travelling in case you get delayed or you don't like the food on the plane.

5. Don't order a diabetic meal

Tell your mum and dad not to order a diabetic meal for the plane as they don't have enough carbohydrate in them so you might have a hypo.

6. Keep your kit with you

You need to carry all your diabetes kit with you on the plane. Don't put it in your suitcase because it will get too cold and won't work properly.

7. Get a doctor's note

You'll need a letter from your nurse or doctor to say you've got diabetes and that you need to keep your kit with you on the plane. Show this letter to the people at the airport.

8. Keep it cool

Make sure that you keep your insulin nice and cool while you're travelling and on holiday. It won't work properly if it gets too hot.

9. Get covered

Your mum and day will need to get some holiday insurance that covers your diabetes so that if you do get sick while you're away, a doctor can look after you just like they do at home.

10. Have fun! 

Essentials to pack

  • Spare insulinSpare insulin- so you have extra, or in case you lose your insulin and you can't get any more where you're staying.
  • Spare pen and needles or all your pump stuffSpare pen and needles or all your pump stuff- just in case you lose anything.
  • BD Safe-clipBD Safe-clip- for used needles.
  • Spare lancetsSpare lancets- for your finger pricker.
  • Spare testing stripsSpare testing strips- for your meter.
  • Spare blood glucose monitorSpare blood glucose monitor- in case yours gets lost or broken.
  • Ketone testing tripsKetone testing trips- to test for ketones.
  • Glucagon or GlucogelGlucagon or Glucogel- or anything else you use to treat a hypo.
  • SnacksSnacks- in your hand luggage, just in case.
  • MoneyMoney- some coins for vending machines so you can buy food or drink as soon as you arrive if you need to.
  • Mum and dad's numbersMum and dad's numbers- in case you get separated.


  • You can still go on holidays. Your mum and dad will plan ahead to make sure your diabetes doesn't stop you enjoying any of the holiday fun.
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