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Top tips for difficult conversations with your friends and family

Explaining diabetes to your friends and family is difficult. But always remember, they are on your side and want to help. Here are our top tips. 

Decide what you do and don’t want to talk about 

Think about the topics you’re happy to talk about in advance. You can tell your friend or family member that there are certain things you’d rather not discuss. This will make the conversation flow the way you’d like it to. 

Bring them into the conversation 

Your friends and family care about you very much, and if you’re suffering they’re understandably going to be concerned and will want to know more. Let them ask questions and offer support. 

Let them think about it 

Sometimes conversations are overwhelming for everyone. When talking about your diabetes reassure your friend or family member that they’re fine to come back to you with anything else they might want to talk about. Allow them to think about what you’ve told them before talking again.   

Let them know how they can help 

Your friend or family member cares about you, and they’re going to be keen to help in any way they can. For you this may mean them ignoring your diabetes completely and being treated normally. You may want them to join your new diet. You may need emotional support. Let them know what it is you need from them. 

Be patient 

Once your friends and family know about your condition, you may experience unwelcome comments such as “should you be eating that?” Though these are annoying and sometimes hurtful, more often than not the intention comes from a good place. Just politely remind them that it’s your diabetes, and you know how to look after yourself. 

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