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Top tips for talking to someone with diabetes

When your friend or family member has diabetes it's sometimes difficult to know what to say. Our top tips are here to make those conversations easier. 

Understand the basics 

Diabetes is a complicated condition, with lots of causes and symptoms that can be hard to explain. If you know someone with diabetes and want to talk to them about it, then find out what it’s all about. Take a look at our videos

Just listen 

Even if you don’t understand the ins and outs of diabetes, sometimes listening is all someone needs from you. 

Be sensitive 

Diabetes can be a very personal and difficult condition to manage. Before ploughing in with lots of questions, be aware that the person may not want to tell you too much, and might not want to talk about it at all. Ask if they mind talking about it first.

They are still the same person 

Talk to them in the same way you’ve always talked to them. 

Get involved 

Ask what you can do to help. That could mean lots of things, such as not telling other people, eating a similar diet, helping them with their touch the toes tests or simply being there to listen. Whatever the person needs, offer to help.  

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