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Top 10 tips for kids

Healthcare tips

We're here to support you as diabetes becomes part of your family's life - we'll help you manage it and stay in control, so that living with diabetes becomes second nature to you and your child. 

We can support you as you and your child learns to live with diabetes. It's not always easy, but many people with diabetes manage it very well.

We asked some people with diabetes to share their top tips for living well. Here's what they said:

1. Be a fact-finder.

Learn as much as you can about diabetes with your child so that the whole family can feel more confident in looking after it. Find out how the body uses food and what role insulin plays. Get all the information you need from your doctor or nurse to learn more about diabetes and visitMy Life - information for children, orinfo for teenagers.

2. It's not all about diabetes – it's about life.

Diabetes needn't stop your child from doing the things they love. They may just need to do them a little differently. Take time to think, talk to others and focus on what's important.

3. Make healthy food choices.

Even though your child has diabetes they can still eat any sort of food. Eat a healthy balance of different foods to help your child's growth and development.

4. Become a snack-packer.

Carry some quick-acting glucose with you in case your child has a hypo. This may be dextrose tablets, jelly sweets, an energy drink or a small fruit juice. People treat hypos differently, so find out what works for your child.

5. Educate the school.

Let the teachers know that your child has diabetes, so they can look after your child and make sure they have the same experience as any other child. Check out ourMake the Graderesources for practical help in supporting your child at school.

6. Being active.

Diabetes shouldn't prevent your child from being active or playing sports. Just be prepared - check their blood glucose, aim for about 5mmol/l and have a snack ready just in case levels start to go low. 

7. Get to know your doctor.

Seeing the doctor regularly and getting tests and screenings on time helps you become an active partner in your child's care. There's no point in taking chances with your child's health. And make sure your child’s getting all the health checks and support they need with our Type 1 essentials.



8. Know your numbers.

Be aware of your child's personal targets for blood glucose.

9. Chew on this.

Make sure you visit the dentist regularly as high blood glucose levels can lead to dental problems. The mouth is a haven for bacteria!

10. Listen to your body.

Learn to read the signs of blood glucose fluctuations so you can spot and treat hypos and hypers. Question, reflect, test, record and judge how you child is feeling. The longer they live with diabetes the more familiar they become with how to do this.

We hope you find these top 10 healthcare tips useful and they help you to better manage your child's diabetes.

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