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Setting the record straight: Type 1 anti-bullying video

A lot of you told us about unpleasant experiences when people have made hurtful comments to you because they either don’t know enough about Type 1 diabetes, or have the facts wrong. For example, some people think that Type 1 diabetes is caused by fat or sugar – which is completely untrue.

We've created a new short film to help educate people about Type 1 diabetes to set the record straight and stop young people from experiencing bullying based on ignorance and misconceptions. Have a look...

Thank you for your help

We really hope you like it. After all, you helped us create it! We asked you to tell us about any bullying or prejudice you've experience and we listened. All the comments expressed in the film are based on real experiences you've shared with us.

Help us set the record straight

We know that diabetes doesn't hold any of you back or stop you from doing the things your mates do, but there are still lots of myths and misconceptions that need to be put straight. Sharing this video will help us educate the general public about Type 1 diabetes and help put an end to this type of bullying.

So send your friends and family the link to this page. The film will also be posted onYouTube, so you can spread the word there too.

If you have a website or blog, you can even directly embed the video by copying and pasting this code:

Affected by any of these issues?

If you have any feedback for us, good or bad, we'd love to hear it. If you have any ideas for campaigns we could do in the future, please share them with us.

If you're being bullied, you can contactBullying UK, a leading UK anti-bullying charity, for advice and support.



Your comments

"I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on the 09/09/09 – so nearly 2 years. One of my best friends is diabetic so when everyone else at school found out they fully understood what it was about. The only thing that annoys me is when people say not fair cuz I get to eat in lessons and grab jelly babies off me. My friends stick up for me though :)I'm so lucky." 

"I'm Chloe, and I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was six, and I was struggling to handle all my injections. I remember telling my friends about type one, as they thought I had type two diabetes. They still  don't understand, but its something quite complicated.Word soon got out, and I was bullied, people automatically called me Fatty and A Fat Pig, but luckily my friends would always support me.

At first not even my teacher understood what I had to do, so she would get angry if I had to leave to do a blood test, I have a good sense when I'm low. It's more easy to cope with then I first thought, I'm now on four injections a day. The worst part may sound weird, but personally, it's when my friends are eating something like sweets and chocolate, then see me, and try to hide it. I know it's because they don't want to hurt my feelings, but I would rather see them eating it and enjoying it then feeling bad for me."

"my name is elllie and i just started high school in year 7. it was very stressful and my blood sugar levels were going low to high so i had a lot of time off. i have been diabetic for a little while and what was about to happen i hope will never happen again.

it was the last lesson and my friend had swapped sets with me, so i was alone on a table then it was half way in the lesson one of the kids in our class started talking about me, i new that i did not fit in at all, i have no expencive stuff but i was happy before then as i could here it louder like everone was listning. my blood suger shoot up it was so scary i was going red and when i go high i reslly need a drink it was like i was dieing of thirst. the lesson stoped i never felt so relived.

a fuw days later and the boy that sat in front of me got my bag and started going throght it. my injection was in their and i had to say i was diabetic and all they where aware of was type 2 not type one.

i wish people would get their facts right so far and hope fully that the last of the breif bulling."

"My name is Izzi and I have type 1 diabetes. I've had it for 10 years, since I was two. In my primary school, people were really good about my diabetes, and it's the same for my high school, everybody is so supportive! I think this video is really good to show examples of how people do get bullied, and I hope it will help to start to prevent bullying in all schools."

"im alethea and i have had diabetes for 10 years now. im 11 years old. i got diabetes wen i was 1 years old. i have nevr got bullied from diabetes before but im goin into secondary schol and i am a bit scared if i get bullied in secoudary schol. is there any1 else dat has the sme problem?"

"omg this is unbelievable to hear this. i go through the same but not that bad."

"I got bullied at primary school; getting called a junkie at ages 10 to 12. It hurt that bad I self-harmed. It was horrible. It continued 'til 2nd year, then after that I was fed up with it, so I decided to move schools –the best thing I've done in my life so far."

"I have been diabetic for about two and a half years. It has taken me that long to realise that I have diabetes for the rest of my life.

At the moment I am going through a rough patch. There are these boys in my class and they keep on calling me a druggy and a fatty. To be honest I have had enough. I tried my best to staff calm but it's just not working.

I have been also skipping my meals because of them.

Thanks for reading my story. x"

"Are you serious?! Where I come from there is no bullying for diabetes at all, which makes me extremely surprised that it even happens. There are certain areas and cases that bullies just don't intervene with, such as wheelchair users. It's almost common knowledge that bullies stay clear of people with mental and physical disabilitys, and in my area that means diabetes too.

A message to everybody who suffers from bullying because of diabetes Type 1:

Don't let it interrupt taking your insulin. If it is affecting your regular dosage then that can make you ill, and to be honest that's what the bully wants. It wants you to suffer, so show them that anything they throw at you is not going to harm you in any way.

You could also tell a member of staff at your school who is of high authority, and if it isn't sorted within two weeks you can always contact the school government, then those bullies will see who's boss! :)"

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