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Food groups

It'’s important to eat meals and snacks regularly to help keep your blood glucose levels steady. Here are some hints on what to choose from the menu.

Starchy foods

Include starchy carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, chapatis and cereals. These fill you up, give you energy and help you to control your blood glucose levels. Go for wholemeal varieties, as they help keep your gut healthy.
Protein Foods

Protein Foods

Include some protein foods each day such as meat, fish, eggs, or vegetarian protein foods such as beans, pulses, soya, Tofu and Quorn. Meat eaters should try to choose fish and lean meat more often than sausages or burgers because they tend to be high fat
Vegetables and fruit

Vegetables and fruit

You need at least five helpings each day, it sounds a lot, but remember that fresh tinned and dried fruit count. So does salad, vegetable soup and the vegetables in pasta sauces and stews.
Milk and dairy foods

These include cheese, milk, yogurt, and fromage frais. Go for low-fat milk and yogurt. Try to include dairy foods in your diet every day because they contain calcium, which makes your bones strong.
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