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Recreational drugs and diabetes

There hasn’t been much scientific research on type 1 diabetes and the effects of recreational drugs.

We’d advise that you don’t do them because they can cause lots of different health problems, addiction and get in the way of your relationships with friends and family.

What is a recreational drug?

A recreational drug is a drug that people take without a medical reason. Some people also call them ‘party drugs’.

Effects of taking recreational drugs?

Different recreational drugs do different things that might cover up symptoms of a hypo or make you feel like you’re about to have one.

Some drugs can also slow you down or give you more energy which can make your blood sugar levels go high or low.

If drugs make you lose track of time, it’s also possible you might forget to take your insulin.

You might also experience something called a comedown for a few days after. Comedowns can affect your mood and make you less likely to look after yourself and your diabetes.

Staying safe

If you’re going to do drugs and you feel like you can talk openly with your healthcare team, discussing it with them would be a good way of making sure you staying safe.

This could just be a simple conversation about ways to manage your diabetes while you do – this could be something like checking your blood sugar levels more throughout the night.

If you’re going to do drugs, make sure you’re with a friend that knows about your diabetes and knows how to recognise and help you treat a hypo.

Get more advice about drugs

If you want any more advice or information on drugs go to Talk to Frank.

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