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Complaining about your healthcare

If you're not happy or you're worried about the care you're getting in adult services, you have the right to speak to someone about it and complain. 

Complaining about your care can be uncomfortable, but it's always best to talk to someone if you feel like you're not getting the best from your healthcare team. The best way to complain is to make sure you're being as constructive as possible, so you get the result you want.

Before you complain formally, you might want to try to resolve the problem informally by speaking to your healthcare team and making sure members of staff are aware there is a problem. If you do speak to someone informally, make sure you keep a note of who you spoke to, the date and time and what you spoke about. 

Before you complain

Be clear in your mind what you want to complain about. It might help to speak to a friend or family member before so you know exactly what you want to say. 

Make sure you include in your complaint exactly what went wrong, how you were treated and any other important details. 

You should always know what you want to happen before you complain, it's often best to include this in your complaint. How you want your complaint resolved could be anything from someone saying sorry or a change in the way your service works. 

Who to complain to

  • If your complaint is about a member of staff, it's always worth trying to talk to them first. But if you don't feel comfortable doing this, try to speak to another member of your diabetes team. 
  • If you're complaining formally, there will usually be a complaints manager in organisations like the NHS. The organisation should make it easy to find out who this is.

More information 

We  have loads more information about making a complaint about your healthcare if you need it. 

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