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Sex, dating and relationships

We spoke to young adults with type 1 diabetes to talk about sex, dating and relationships.

Sex, dating and relationships can be awkward for everyone, and worrying how type 1 diabetes might get in the way is normal. We talked to three different couples about those awkward moments when it feels like Type 1 diabetes just seems to get in the way.

Hypos in the heat of the moment. Insulin pump tangles. Plans screwed up to rush home to get insulin.

They also talked about how they deal with type 1 diabetes in their relationship day-to-day, and about what it means to have someone supporting you through the ups and downs of diabetes.


Having sex with an insulin pump

When Type 1 tries its hardest to ruin a good night, sometimes all you need is your testing kit, some perseverance and a supportive partner...


Dating with diabetes

When Ted found himself out for dinner with Storm, he had more than just first date nerves to think about…


Telling your partner

It's natural to worry about telling your new partner about your diabetes. It's difficult to open up to people sometimes but there isn't a right or wrong time to tell them about your diabetes. 

Give them a small explanation of what diabetes is, about how you treat it and what things like hypos are. You don't have to go into loads of detail straight away, your diabetes is just another part of you that your partner will get to know about.

When Fawn and Chesney first started dating as teenagers, Fawn tried to hide her type 1 diabetes. It took an awkward car journey with her mum for Chesney to find out.


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