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My Life puzzle page

How did you do?

How many times did you spot Ketone the cat in your copy of My Life?

If you saw him 13 times, you were right! Well done. 


Matchy matchy

How many words did you match to right definition?

  • Carbohydrates: this food group gives you lots of energy. It includes bread, rice and pasta.
  • Glucose: a sugar you get from food and drink. It gives us energy.
  • Pancreas: an organ where our bodies makes insulin. It doesn’t work properly when you have diabetes.
  • Hyper: too much sugar in your blood. It can make you feel very poorly.
  • Hypo: not enough sugar in your blood. You might call it going low.
  • Insulin: a medicine for people with diabetes. You need to take it a few times every day to stay well.
  • Ketones: these are poisonous and make you feel very poorly. If you get a lot of them, you could get something called diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA.

Spot the difference

Did you spot all ten differences?

Answers to spot the difference
  1. Glasses, top left corner
  2. The pattern on Ella's hat
  3. Party hat, top right
  4. Hair, middle left
  5. Ella's birthday badge
  6. Party blower, middle left
  7. Ketone the cat is missing
  8. Extra straw, bottom right
  9. Birthday cake candles
  10. Colour of unicorn mane on birthday cake


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