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Children and Teen Events

Type 1 Events refresh

We've made the decision to pause our Type 1 Events programme so we can carry out a refresh. This means we won’t be holding any events until 2019.

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We shared stories and talked about our diabetes, it was nice to have someone to relate to. That was the best part of the trip – having people to talk to. It was a good laugh, lots of fun.

Hollie, aged 13 who attended a Type 1 Adventure

Type 1 Quest

For: 8-10 year olds (8-11 in Northern Ireland)

We know looking after a child with Type 1 can mean a lot of worry, especially when you’re not there with them. But we also know you don’t want your child to miss out on exciting adventures, sleepovers and school trips. Our Type 1 Quest is the perfect introduction to a few nights apart.Our healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses and dietitians – who volunteer at each event are on hand to give support with blood testing (including at night), insulin-giving and every other bit of diabetes care you normally provide.

During the days the children will be busy enjoying themselves. There is a whole range of exciting activities like kayaking and rock climbing to take part in, all while making new friends who also have Type 1.


Type 1 Adventure

For: 11-15 year olds (12-17 in Northern Ireland)

Handing over more control to your child as they get older can be tough. Our Type 1 Adventure weeks and weekend give your child the chance to take on a little more of their own care under the watchful eye of our healthcare professionals and trained volunteers. They’ll be there the whole time to offer their years’ of experience in all areas of diabetes management, from adjusting insulin to cover all the high adrenaline activities or help carb-counting for meals and snacks.

Your child will take part in a range of thrilling adventures like mountain biking and raft building, all the time learning how it affects their blood sugar levels. Placed in a group with children or teenagers of a similar age, they will also get the chance to chat about the highs and lows of diabetes and know they’re not the only one living with Type 1.


Type 1 Experience

For: 16-18 year olds

Being a teenager is hard enough as it is. There are even more challenges when you’ve got Type 1. There are exams, leaving home, a job, holidays with pals, the pub, girlfriends, boyfriends and break-ups (sorry). Then there’s all the inescapable parts of diabetes, whether that’s inconvenient hypos or remembering to pick up prescriptions. Our Type 1 Experience gives 16-18 year olds a week away to get ready for life as an adult with Type 1.

There’s plenty of action and activities but there’s also a focus on building independence and confidence in managing diabetes. They’ll be plenty of time to get to know everyone else there, sharing experiences and swapping tips. There is also the chance to talk to experts and ask any questions. Especially the awkward ones. Our Type 1 Experience is designed to make sure diabetes doesn’t get in the way of the thrills and spills of becoming an adult.

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