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Wales updates on Covid-19 information for people with diabetes

This page is specifically about guidance for people affected by diabetes living in Wales. We will continue to share relevant information provided by the Welsh Government, NHS Wales (GIG Cymru), Public Health Wales and others.

We have more information and advice about how coronavirus (Covid-19) can affect people with diabetes, including what to do if you become unwell and what self-isolating and shielding mean. This is being updated regularly with new information as it becomes available.

Updates from the Welsh Government

The Welsh government has a daily briefing at 12:30pm which can be viewed online at any time or live on the Welsh government’s twitter account @WelshGovernment

The Welsh government are still telling people to stay at home and the lockdown restrictions haven't been lifted. The Welsh government published their criteria on when to ease restrictions in April.

Current advice in Wales is that if you can work from home you must continue to do so. The Welsh government published regulations for employees and employers during coronavirus. These regulations give employers additional obligations to ensure that your workplace is safe. 

However, many people in Wales have told us they are still unsure of what to do if they cannot work from home but are told to go back to work. You should only go back to work if it is safe to do so, and in keeping with government guidance. Welsh government guidance currently states that people should only travel to work if it is not reasonably practical for them to work from home. If you have coronavirus symptoms, live in the same house as someone with symptoms or are in an at-risk or extremely vulnerable group, you must stay at home – this would include people living with diabetes.

Let us know your concerns by taking our employment survey.

And all schools in Wales will remain closed until at least the 1st June. For more information, read the latest statement from the Welsh Minister for Education.

Updates from Public Health Wales

Public Health Wales has published the Welsh Government’s guidance on self-isolation.

Updates from NHS Wales

Many routine screening appointments, including foot appointments and retinopathy (eye) screening, have been paused while NHS Wales focuses all its resources on fighting coronavirus. So it is important to be extra vigilant in taking care of yourself at home, be aware of any new symptoms and contact your healthcare team if you have any concerns.

Looking after yourself

We have lots of information to help you look after your diabetes yourself, depending on who you are and what type of diabetes you have:

Support for your mental health

If you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, you're not alone. We've got lots of guidance on how to cope with certain emotions and how things like stress can affect your blood sugar levels. 

And whether you'd prefer to chat to others on our online forum or give one of our helpline team a call, we're here to support you.

You can always contact us directly here in Wales too.

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