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Friends take steps to support Lucy and Lottie

15 friends from Llangynidr in Powys have teamed up to take one million steps each this summer, to support a mum and daughter. 

The group, known as The Pounders, are taking on the One Million Steps Challenge to support Lucy Lancaster, 42 and her daughter, Lottie, 11.  



Lucy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes aged six. The challenge marks the first time she has spoken publicly about life with the condition.

Type 1 is often hidden

Lucy said, “I’ve always tried to make Type 1 as small a part of my life as possible. However, we are constantly balancing food and insulin and other factors like exercise and illness, even if it is often hidden. When we get the balance wrong we can become very ill very quickly.”

It was a huge shock when Lottie was diagnosed, aged 4.

Lucy continued, “Lottie was weeing and drinking an awful lot. I knew the symptoms and tested her myself while she slept. I knew instantly that the rest of her life would be different to how we had imagined.”

A brighter future

Lucy wants to highlight the huge progress that has been made in how the condition is managed now, compared to when she was diagnosed.

“When I was diagnosed it took three minutes to do a blood test and my Mum was handed a glass syringe to inject me with. Technology has made things so much easier. Lottie and I wear sensors on our arms and scan them to test our blood sugars instantly. My insulin pump means I can give myself insulin at the touch of a button.

"I have never dared dream of a cure but I now dream of a life where Type 1 diabetes is a much smaller part of our lives.”

Team spirit

Lucy has been touched by her friends’ commitment to the challenge.

“The children have been begging to go walking to boost their totals. I’m especially proud that our youngest daughter, Alice, 8, instantly said she wanted to walk to support us. She’s doing so well that she’s decided to aim for an extra half a million steps. I can’t keep up!

“Managing my blood sugar while walking can be challenging and I’ve had a few hypos but we’re all amazed at how much happiness and positivity the challenge has brought us.

"Most importantly we’ve already raised more than £2,000. I want to raise as much as possible so that Lottie’s diabetic future can look different to my diabetic past.”

Well done to all of The Pounders and thank you so much for your support!

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