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Research Committee & Panels

Diabetes UK’s Research Committee is composed of diabetes experts, including clinical and scientific experts. The Research Committee meets twice a year to make funding decisions on project grants.   

Throughout the rest of the year, Research Committee members are called upon to make funding recommendations on early-career small grant, fellowship and, studentship applications, along with any applications submitted for strategic calls.  

We occasionally, as needed, also invite people with special expertise onto the Research Committee. 

Diabetes UK Research Committee, as of 2023


  • Professor David Adams, Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of Medicine, University of Birmingham 

Specialist experts: 

  • Professor Khalida Ismail, Psychiatry and Medicine, King’s College London 

  • Professor Nishi Chaturvedi, Director of MRC Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageing, University College London 

  • Professor Mark Kearney, British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular and Diabetes, University of Leeds 

  • Professor Gary Frost, Chair in Nutrition and Dietetics, Imperial College London 

  • Professor Vivien Coates, Florence Nightingale Foundation Professor of Clinical Nursing Practice Research, Ulster University 

  • Professor Hari Hundal, Professor & Chair of Molecular Physiology, University of Dundee 

  • Professor Noel Morgan, Professor of Endocrine Pharmacology & Director of the Institute for Biomedical & Clinical Science, University of Exeter Medical School 

  • Professor Alan Stitt, McCauley Chair of Experimental Ophthalmology, Queen’s University Belfast 

  • Professor Luigi Gnudi, Professor of Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine & Honorary Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, King’s College London 

  • Professor David Wynick, Professor of Molecular Medicine and Consultant in Pain Medicine, University of Bristol 

  • Associate Professor Richard Stevens, Associated Professor of Medical Statistics, University of Oxford 

  • Professor Ines Barroso, Professor of Diabetes, University of Exeter 

  • Dr Bo Liu, Lecturer in Physiology, King's College London  

  • Dr Sophie Eastwood, Clinical Research Fellow, University College London 

  • Dr Aileen King, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology, King's College London  

  • Professor Kathleen Gillespie, Professor of Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol  

  • Professor Sheila Greenfield, Professor of Medical Sociology, University of Birmingham 

  • Dr Rachel Besser, Consultant in Paediatric in Diabetes & Endocrinology, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  

  • Professor Lucilla Poston, Professor of Maternal & Fetal Health, King's College London 

  • Dr Beverley Shields, Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics, University of Exeter  

  • Professor Daniel Cuthbertson, Reader and Honorary Consultant Physician, University of Liverpool  

  • Professor Gwyn Gould, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Strathclyde 

  • Dr Julia Mader, Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical University of Graz, Austria  

  • Professor Nicholas Morton, Personal Chair of Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh 

  • Professor Steve Bain, Assistant Medical Director for Research & Development, Swansea University  

The members of our Research Committee and Funding Panels agree to abide by a conflict-of-interest policy and code of conduct

Funding Panels 

RD Lawrence, Sir George Alberti and Harry Keen Research Training Fellowships 

Funding Panels that comprise appropriate members of the Research Committee, and may have co-opted expertise if required, review the RD Lawrence, Sir George Alberti and Harry Keen Research Training Fellowships

For each Fellowship round a Funding Panel made up of Research Committee members is assembled. There are times when other researchers will be invited to join the panel if specific expertise not covered by the Research Committee is required. 

Each Panel shortlists applicants based on the criteria outlined in each scheme and on comments from external peer-reviewers. Shortlisted applicants are invited for interview. 

PhD studentship 

The Funding Panel for PhD Studentships is comprised of appropriate members of the Research Committee and may have co-opted expertise if required. 

The Panel makes funding decisions based on the criteria outlined for each scheme. Applicants are not required to be interviewed. 

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