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Rebel fundraising tactics


A revolution in your workplace will ripple across the nation

Welcome to the team. We’ve code named you Secret Weapon because you’re just that. We’re delighted you’re with us.

To briefly bring you up to speed, 1 in 15 people have diabetes in the UK. It's complicated, confusing and tough to live with. That's why we're here, to help children and adults live healthy lives with diabetes.

And what we achieve together will ensure we can fight for every person affected by diabetes across the country. It just wouldn’t be possible without you.

Because you’re the chosen rebel.

Let the tactical masterclass begin

You’re a fundraising tactician you just don’t know it yet. With more raw talent at defeating the ‘weekly grind’ than we could have ever hoped for. You make Rambo look like an amateur camper.

Begin the transformation by assembling a team of your finest workplace jokers, recreational athletes, approachable executive team members and social influencers. Think of what you and other people love to do and apply the simple techniques below:

  • ask for a donation to join in
  • ask for sponsorship
  • sell tickets to events
  • auction your artistic creations 
  • sell food, drink or second hand goods

Momentum is key, so draw out plans for your initial infiltration into the working week and regularly meet to move onto the next phase. The easiest entry points are social events, lunch time clubs and weekly dress downs.  

Here’s a few examples from previous transformations for you:


Challenge accepted

Always wanted to grow a beard, kick a habit or be bold and hold a 24 hour running relay? Now's your chance. 


Early finish Friday

Shave an hour off your Friday (with the permission of HR) whilst making your fundraising more popular than the coffee machine. 


 The sustenance games

Treat your taste buds to regular culinary creations from your workplace master chefs, then watch colleagues battle it out for an official crown.


Game night

Whether it's the latest console release or a classic board game, let the passive aggressive competition thrive. 


Sports day classic

Who needs balls sports when you can traverse an egg and spoon obstacle course in the sunshine? Handmade trophy for the winning department. 


Club mentality

Start a gardening club to nurture Mother Nature, running club for fitness fanatics or provide food for thought with a lunch time cult. 


Office Olympics

From bin basketball to pencil javelin, conjure up games with workplace items and set up a leaderboard to make it personal. 


Dress up or down

The oldest trick in the book to boost morale as you spend a day in the workplace wearing comfy leggings or your favourite pirate hat. 


Summer fayre

Bring the whole family to enjoy arcade games, food stands, live music and being officially 'out of office'. Enough said?


 Sports tournament

Pick your passion and set up teams, make it quirky with fancy dress kits and pitch management versus staff for bragging rights.


 Workplace disco

Celebrate a special occasion or orchestrate a dodgy techno dance move extravaganza with a boogie night for you and your colleagues.


Second hand treasures

Whether on eBay or in your reception sell off your unwanted treasures for a tidy profit and that all important wardrobe space. 

You’re training is nearly complete. Not that you needed it. You've always been ready.

It’s now time for you to lead the way in transforming your workplace. We know many more will follow in your footsteps, it’s why you’re our secret weapon. It’s why you’re our chosen rebel. Take these last pieces of advice to get the most out of your transformation between now and when we next speak. They'll help.

  • Recruit supporters from across your professional and personal networks
  • Embed your revolution by initiating us as your charity of the year
  • Talk to your local community about raffle prizes, resources and help at your events
  • Utilise your companies Matched Funding Scheme for maximum impact
  • Begin the digital transformation with a JustGiving page
  • Don’t forget Gift Aid, it makes a huge difference

Laugh long and prosper

You've got everything you need to begin your rebel fundraising. The 'weekly grind' is a state of mind, and you may encounter the feeling that to bring such revolutionary joy to the workplace is impossible.

But you know better now, so just smile, offer them a cuppa and run through your rebel fundraising tactics. They'll be on board in moments.

Right, we'd better try and finally finish this game of hide and seek with Hiro, the rascal always takes it one step further.

Just remember we're here whenever you need us at Revolutionary HQ, call for backup anytime



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