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#TheOne campaign is all about sharing those moments we all go through when it comes to sex, dating and relationships with Type 1 diabetes.

Those awkward moments when it feels like Type 1 just keeps getting in the way. Hypos in the heat of the moment. Insulin pump tangles. Plans screwed up to rush home to get insulin.

And those moments that come with meeting someone who is there for you through all the ups and downs.  

By sharing our videos and sharing your own experiences, you can help us be there with a simple message that wherever your search for #TheOne takes you, you're not alone.



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Fawn and Chesney

When Fawn and Chesney first started dating as teenagers, Fawn tried to hide her Type 1 diabetes. It took an awkward car journey with her mum for Chesney to find out...

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Kris and Sophia

When Type 1 tries its hardest to ruin a good night, sometimes all you need is your testing kit, some perseverance and a supportive partner...

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Ted and Storm

 When Ted found himself out for dinner with Storm, he had more than just first date nerves to think about…

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John and Lauren

John and Lauren have been a couple since meeting at a work event one and a half years ago. On their first date they discovered they shared more than just an interest in politics...

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Sophie and Felix

When Sophie first met her boyfriend 10 years ago, talking about her Type 1 diabetes wasn't the easiest thing for her...

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