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I knew I had to make changes when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Nicole is expecting her second child

Nicole's story

I’m 9 weeks away from having baby number two and in this pregnancy, I was advised I would be treated as an automatic gestational diabetes patient.

The first time around (toddler is just shy of turning two), when I was diagnosed, it hit me like a freight train, the idea I had done something wrong, I wasn’t looking after myself and things would have to change.

In hindsight (a wonderful thing), the changes really weren’t that hard. Husband joined in and it sent me on a slightly different course after baby was born and in preparation for baby number 2. I had lost weight too so my BMI dropped before I fell pregnant again.

My gestational diabetes is probably linked to my weight and eating habits like portion sizes  and sugar intake.

I haven’t had sugar in my tea or coffee for almost 2 years (and I won’t lie, I thoroughly miss it but know the consequences). I wanted to avoid indigestion at all costs through pregnancy so portion control has been key through both pregnancies.

That’s not to say I don’t treat myself. I love food, cooking, sharing, serving and eating, but all in moderation and using basic common sense.

I also hope this encourages my children to look at how we eat, why we eat, why healthy food is crucial but also hold onto a love for food that is very important at my kitchen table.

The test results in my first pregnancy were high and as a result I was on additional medication. I started testing my blood glucose levels at about 29 weeks as it was delayed gestational diabetes. 

This pregnancy I started testing automatically at 17 weeks three to four times a day and I was perfectly aware of my limitations therefore portion control and reducing sugar were the key factors in ensuring I didn't have as high readings.

The testing becomes second nature and because you know it is for the welfare of you and baby in the short and long term, you just get on and do it. It is frustrating but that's all it is.

I also have Graves Disease to add to the mix so am on medication as part of my regular treatment. The things you do for pregnancy!!!

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