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Diabetes and depression are like bad twins

"After suffering from Type 1 for nearly 17 years, I have on reflection realized the problems that many suffer from, but others don't understand. For my first 10 years the terrible depression has to be the big issue for me.

Only after eventually getting put on the right medication after taking an overdose, only then did I realize what bad control and the wrong type of insulin had affected me emotionally. Also I now believe, I had suffered for many years prior to being diagnosed with diabetes.

Discovered at 26 I think I had diabetes from as early as 12 ,13 years old. I used to have terrible mood swings, but I feel now knowing the effects of bad control that this was definitely related to high sugars - being tired, no energy, sleeping for hours, waking with heavy sweats and generally feeling unwell. If I had known then what I know now.

Diabetes and depression are like bad twins - one is never far behind the other. My story is trying to show those who have family members to watch for the mood swings. Don't let diabetes take the happiness from your loved one.

You can live a good life with diabetes but you most control the sugars. No need for diet freaks or gym freaks, just balance your life. I'm happy now but diabetes took 10 years from me because of lack of control. I hope it helps just one person to read my story.

My gratitude goes to the medical team in the Harplands in Staffordshire - without them I don't think I would have made it this far - and also to the diabetes team in North Staffs Hospital."

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