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Diabetes is not a death sentence but a lifestyle

Despite struggling with injections and high emotions at the time of his diagnosis, Christian is now training to be a nurse so he can help other young people accept their diabetes like he has.


As a teenager you’d expect to live life trouble free especially when it comes to your health. I was just 17 and used to attend a college studying A levels.

One day I contracted a fever and it was an unusual one as it lasted for about two weeks for me to recover from it (usually it would only take me three days to recover).

About a week after I recovered I started losing weight and losing my appetite (I only wanted to eat food with a lot of sugar) . After two days I increased my fluid intake and started feeling dehydrated even though I was drinking nearly seven litres every day. 

From around 95kg I got down 75 kg in just two weeks. Things started to get worst the last two days before we called our GP. I started feeling nauseous and later started vomiting.

We called the GP and he checked my BGM and it was 27.0 mmgol and he tested my urine. The results showed there were a lot of ketones in my body. I was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes, which my Grandpa also had so it meant it was genetic.

It took me around a week and a half in hospital to recover. It was not easy for me to accept that I had to inject four times a day apart from pricking myself everyday to check my sugar levels. I used to get easily offended, cry easily and suffered from wild depression.

It took me around two months to accept it. It was while surfing trough the Internet  that I realized that diabetes is not the end of the world. it was this quote that helped me “diabetes is not a death sentence but a lifestyle”. I realized I was now living a healthier lifestyle and also was getting fit with exercise .

The amazing thing is that now I am a second year nursing student. Thanks to diabetes it led me to this amazing career.  I live a normal life even though I have to inject myself .

I want to help people who are newly diagnosed especially the young ones as I know how they would feel and it is not easy. Diabetes has its rough sides, but it also has its amazing sides.

Sometimes there where people who asked how do you manage or I don’t want to be in your shoes. I would say is I’m a proud Type1 diabetic.


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