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I blame lack of desire on my medication

"I am 55-years-old and have had diabetes since I was eight. Although I take insulin five times a day, I don’t suffer from any neuropathy or kidney problems.

I can honestly say diabetes hasn’t stopped me doing anything I’ve wanted to do. That is at least until three years ago....

This is when my doctor told me I had an underactive thyroid. I was put on medication for that and within a few months my cholesterol levels went sky high. My doctor put me on drugs to bring my cholesterol levels down and that is when my sexual desire went flying out of the window.

Since then I’d hate to admit it, but I would rather read a book than have sex. I have five sisters and none of them have this problem. Friends of my age still have great sex lives – I am convinced it is down to the medication I am taking – rather than my age.

I’ve spoken to my GP and she says it’s a normal process for a woman with diabetes.  She says until something comes on the market, there is very little she can do to help me.

I speak to plenty of other women with diabetes via chat forums in the states and FSD is never mentioned. It’s a taboo subject and it can make you feel very alone.

I have a very loving relationship with my husband of eighteen years. He has totally accepted our non-existent sex life. Of course I feel very guilty about it especially as he’s four years younger than me.

I’ve had to sit back and consider is it better to save my marriage and have a sex life or stay on medication and lower my high cholesterol? My husband said he’d rather have me healthy and living a long time than have a sex life, so until something comes along to change that, this is how it is."


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