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I can't get a basic foot check in my area

"I developed Type 2 diabetes in 1990 when I was 40-years-old and went blind about ten years ago.

I live near Liverpool and have found it impossible to receive a regular podiatry check. Because I’m blind, I can’t clip my toenails so it is essential I see a podiatrist on a regular basis.

I went to my local hospital for my annual diabetic check. During the test I was told I had to go to my local GP for a podiatry check as they no longer did this at the hospital. I went to the doctors and asked for an appointment, but I was told to go to go my local clinic who looked after my feet for a podiatry check.

I was informed that they did not do the test because the doctors would not pay them to do it. I was then told to use my practice nurse who is trained. After asking about one or two problems I was told to go to my GP. The report from the practice nurse that I requested to be sent to add to my hospital records was refused for some reason.

I saw the podiatrist who look after my feet every eight weeks and she pointed out there was a problem with hard skin around my feet, yet this was not mentioned by the practice nurse.

A podiatry service to all intents and purpose doesn’t exist in my area. I am blind and it is difficult for me to chase around from clinic to doctor’s surgery to hospital to get my basic diabetes checks.

Being blind and diabetic shouldn’t stop you from doing anything. I volunteer for a whole variety of different organisations so I still keep busy. If you sit there and do nothing, nothing will ever happen. I make sure my voice is heard so people can hear about my experience and hopefully help others to not be forgotten."

Words by Derek

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