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My sister spent her life ignoring her diabetes

Julie is determined to make other people aware of the dangers of not looking after diabetes.

My story is about my sister who had Type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed when she was 18 and pregnant with her son and even after she had him it still remained, So she lived her life with it - or really she lived her life ignoring it - which is why I felt so compelled to write.

As on the 15th May this year she lost and it won. As due to the fact that she had never looked after herself, had never listened to the advice, had never changed, not even her diet. Even when we had tried to help her, she would help herself for short spells, but then give in again.

if just one person would change from my story.


There for losing first her toe, then half her leg, then she went blind in one eye an then landed up on dialysis, then the other foot started to go, then fingers until she became very, very ill and could not fight off scepticaemia and then died  May 15th.

I also have diabetes - Type 2 - which I know is a lot less life threating as I only have to take metformin, but I try my hardest to eat healthy and to keep active and cut out sugar.

I just wanted to make others aware because she was only 45 and this didn't have to happen, so please, please if just one person would change from my story, it would be worth it.

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