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#TheOne: Type 1 and sex

As part of our #TheOne campaign, we asked people living with Type 1 to share their stories about Type 1 and sex - from insulin pump tangles to hypos in the heat of the moment. Share your tips by tweeting us using #TheOne or using our share your story form.


Becci shares her story about sex and an insulin pump mishap!



"I had to drive a half hour home to get a new pod, which is why you should always carry spares, and then drive back. It's a bit of a passion killer!"


Type 1 blogger Jen Grieves shares her awkward Type 1 moment!


"Type 1 diabetes is pretty embarrassing at times, and sex is also pretty embarrassing at times so the two kind of go hand in hand I think!"


If you are currently using insulin pens and one of your concerns is that your sex life will be interrupted by an insulin pump, then you can forget that thought. Insulin pumps can be removed as easily as they are fitted and you can remove them whilst exercising – and yes, that includes in the bedroom!
- Jamie



Jamie shares his embarrassing Type 1 moments from the bedroom, to make a serious point that these things happen to all of us. And more importantly, it’s perfectly fine.

Read Jamie's story







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