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#TheOne: Type 1 and tips for partners

As part of our#TheOne campaign, we asked people living with Type 1 to share their tips for anyone who is in a relationship with someone with Type 1.

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Just be there and be supportive. Ask questions and be willing to learn about your partner’s diabetes. And understand that diabetes doesn’t make a person – it’s just something that happens to come with them. 



Just treat them like you would someone without Type 1 diabetes. We can eat chocolate. We can drink alcohol. We can go places and do things. It just needs a little more planning that’s all!



My advice to anyone in a relationship with someone with Type 1 diabetes is to show that you are there to support them physically and emotionally. Sometimes all we need is some reassurance while we’re dealing with this condition every single day.



I've resorted to taking bigger handbags out so we can take out all of his diabetes equipment - sweets, his testing kit, insulin...





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