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'I've now got my illness under control'

"I was diagnosed on the 14 April 2008 as Type 2 after going to a healthy heart check-up that the local NHS offer through the GPs. I was shocked as I'm only 35, but not that surprised as my mother was diagnosed at the age of 42 and my grandmother at the age of 60.


I have since completely change my diet to to no sugar and low fat . From the start of the diagnosis, my doctor advised me to lose a stone (pictured left, before losing weight).

Straight away I reduced the sugar and saturated fat to a minimum, increased my fruit and veg intake and halved my portion sizes.

I started a food diary and logged all the food I would eat in a day.

I then prepared weekly food menus to ensure I got a good balanced diet. The dietitian looked through my food diary and was pleased with what I was eating.

The specialist I saw talked through all the aspects of the illness, from weight control, healthy eating, drug side effects and exercise.


I had always kept fairly active at the gym, but once I was diagnosed it gave me a kick start to get going properly. I go three times a week and  now I am able to run five kilometres.

Don’t get me wrong it was very hard to start with. I know I had put a bit of weight on and the diagnosis gave me a short sharp shock to kick start myself into shape and lose weight.

I did not want to get any more illnesses related to diabetes.

My GP has been monitoring my progress every four weeks. During a routine check up on the 30June 2008, my doctor took blood to check my sugar  andlevels.

On 8 July my doctor told me, although still diabetic, I had ‘reversed the effects’ i.e. reduced my blood sugar level to 4 and to 6.1.  I've now got my illness under control with medication, healthy eating  and exercise.

To date I have lost two stone (pictured above right) in weight and feel very positive for the future. I am now in training for the woman’s Addidas 5 K run, in which I have chosen Diabetes UK as my charity."

Words by Diane

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