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What we do

Tackling the diabetes crisis together

Diabetes is the most potentially devastating – and fastest-growing – health crisis of our time

There are currently 4 million people in the UK living with diabetes, and 11.5 million more at increased risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. Those diagnosed face the risk of life-changing, and life-limiting, complications, unless they are given the very best care and the support they need to manage their condition well. As a society we need to work together now – and take action now – to fund critical research, improve healthcare and treatment, and prevent yet more people developing this potentially life-threatening condition.

As the UK’s leading diabetes charity, our mission is that by bringing people together to work in partnership, we will support those living with diabetes, prevent Type 2 diabetes, make research breakthroughs, and ultimately find a cure.

Our strategy clearly outlines what needs to change and how Diabetes UK can make this happen. We hope to inspire all of you – people with diabetes, volunteers, healthcare professionals, donors, commercial partners and the staff of Diabetes UK – to help us meet these challenges.

It’s only with your generosity, and that of the organisations that support and fund our work, that we can achieve these goals and realise our vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm.

We promise to involve and include people affected by and at risk of diabetes to help us shape our services and work.