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Flash – make it happen

The flash monitoring device has allowed my son his freedom and independence to test and manage his diabetes that fits with his active lifestyle, so he can join in and experience a 'normal' childhood.

Sam, whose son has Type 1

A life-changing new technology

You often tell us how important access to diabetes technologies are to help you manage your diabetes.

Flash is a new technology. It is a small sensor that you wear just under your skin. It stores blood glucose (also known as blood sugar) levels continuously and you can access them by scanning the sensor whenever you want to. 

It has lots of benefits and you can find out more in our living with diabetes section. At the moment flash is self-funded. This means that only those people who can afford the technology can use it. We think this is wrong. 

What do we want to see happen?

We’re campaigning to get flash available on prescription as soon as possible. So that everyone who can benefit from flash can get access on the NHS in England and Wales. We believe it should not be about who can afford to benefit but should be free at the point of use – a fundamental principle of the NHS. 

I was having problems with high and low glucose levels, with symptoms too, despite the blood glucose metre saying I was in target range. The flash has helped resolve these issues.

Linda, who has Type 2

How you can help make this happen?

We’re really close. The final decision on flash has now been passed to the Government health minister responsible. We need to let him know how important this decision is by showing support for flash.

Diabetes UK has now published a consensus guideline (PDF, 985KB) and written to the government.

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What work have we done so far?

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to add pressure to get flash available on prescription.

Doing everything we can to make sure that everyone who can benefit from this technology can get access to it. 

We’ve brought together a group of experts which includes healthcare professionals, diabetes organisations and people living with diabetes. 

The group have been developing a guideline about who could benefit from the technology and how it can help people better manage their diabetes. The final document is due to be published shortly. 

We have also been speaking to decision makers, gathering feedback from people using the technology and providing evidence to NICE – the NHS body that makes recommendations about technology.

How can flash help?

We hear from lots of you about how flash glucose monitoring has changed your life. 

Adrian with his flash glucose monitor

"This device represents the biggest step forward in my 18 years as a Type 1. I would be truly lost without it, and there are numerous advantages." 

Read Adrian's experience

Mike tells us the benefits of using flash 

"Wearing a sensor gives me more confidence in managing my diabetes. It frees me up to do more exercise and take part in physical activities without needing to run my BGs in double figures 'just in case'."

Read Mike's experience

Want to share your flash story? We love hearing from you about how flash has changed your life. 

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