UK General Election 2017

The Diabetes Manifesto

On 8 June, people in your area will choose their next Member of Parliament in the UK general election. We need you to ask your local candidates to get behind the Diabetes Manifesto (PDF, 1MB) and make diabetes a priority at the election.

The Diabetes Manifesto sets out what needs to happen so everyone living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes across the UK can enjoy better care and support. It also tells politicians what they can do to help more people avoid Type 2 diabetes.

But to make these changes happen, we need backing from MPs from all parties and all parts of the country. Please ask all candidates in your area to take diabetes seriously and get behind the Diabetes Manifesto.

Take action

Together we can create a world where diabetes can do no harm

Creating a world where diabetes can do no harm

The general election comes at a critical time for the care and treatment of diabetes and prevention of Type 2. We know that diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges facing us today:

  • 4.5 million people are currently living with diabetes
  • One person is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes
  • 11.9 million people are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • Diabetes is serious and can cause stroke, blindness, heart failure and amputations

Political priorityWe want to see diabetes as a political priority

Education and technologyWe want to see the education and technology people need to help them manage diabetes day-to-day

Complications reducedWe want to see life-threatening and costly complications prevented

Hospital careWe want to see improved care for people with diabetes in hospital

Safe in schoolWe want to see all children with Type 1 diabetes safe in school

Obesity We want to see action to help reduce obesity and prevent Type 2 diabetes

Will you help us make sure that diabetes is taken seriously and ask your local candidates to get behind our Diabetes Manifesto?