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We're calling for diabetes to be at the top of the agenda of the next parliament


On Thursday 12 December, you can choose your next Member of Parliament in another UK General Election. While a lot seems uncertain, we can’t lose focus on what we want – a world where diabetes can do no harm.

With 1 in 15 people in the UK living with diabetes, and with this number on the rise, we are urgently calling for better care and treatments for people with diabetes. Our environment is also fuelling a rise in obesity and, in turn, Type 2 diabetes. So we need to urge the government to help create a healthier environment to halt the increase of Type 2 diabetes. 

But diabetes isn’t just about numbers – it is something people live with every day. This is a good time to remind candidates of that.

It's time for action

We‘re calling on the next parliament to:

These three changes will reduce the harm diabetes does. You've told us these changes matter to you and we know how we can achieve these aims. We just need your support. 

What you can do

We’ve shared our election manifesto (PDF, 158KB) with all parties. We’re also preparing an e-action for you to ask candidates to share why diabetes matters to them, using the hashtag #WhyDiabetesMatters, once all candidates are announced. 

When they are, we’ll need your help to make sure diabetes is top of their agenda if they become an MP. This will be a vital opportunity to help candidates realise the importance of particular issues.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter to contact your candidates. If you’re interested in helping us campaign, please contact us on

In meetings with senior officials within the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England, Diabetes UK, along with JDRF, was assured of the continued, uninterrupted access to insulin in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Read our Brexit blog to learn more about it. We will continue to engage with senior officials in any government to ensure we’re able to share up-to-date information with you as the Brexit day approaches. 

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