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What you need to know about insulin supply issues in the UK

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UPDATE, 15 May 2024: This article was updated on 15 May to correct that there is no disruption to supply of Humulin I 100IU/ml Vials.

We are aware of recent reports regarding supply issues of insulin in the UK. Here’s the latest information on how your treatment may be impacted.

What’s the situation? 

There are some temporary shortages involving medicines used by people living with diabetes in the UK. However, this does not mean that there is a shortage of insulin generally. In all cases, suitable alternatives are available. 

Humalog and Humulin

Currently there is the potential for short-term disruption to supplies of Humalog and Humulin vials.

This applies to the Humalog and Humulin insulin in vials only – pre-filled pens and cartridges are not affected.

The affected vials are Humalog 100units/ml vials, Humulin M3 100units/ml vials and Humulin S 100units/ml vials. 

Eli Lilly, the manufacturers of Humalog and Humulin, say they are actively monitoring this situation and are working to reduce the impact of supply disruptions.

“Anyone experiencing difficulty in getting their prescription filled should contact their doctor to discuss options,” a spokesperson for Eli Lilly said. “People who need insulin immediately and cannot access their doctor for an alternative treatment option should seek emergency care.” 

Fiasp FlexTouch 

There are no shortages of Fiasp insulin, but it is expected that a shortage of the Fiasp FlexTouch 100units/ml pre-filled insulin pen will last until January 2025.

Novo Nordisk manufactures Fiasp in 100units/ml cartridges (Penfill), which remain available. Your healthcare team might give you the option of continuing to use this insulin in cartridge form.  

Tresiba FlexTouch 

Similarly to the situation with Fiasp, there are no issues with availability of Tresiba insulin, but there are supply issues with the Tresiba FlexTouch 100units/ml pre-filled pens.

The Department of Health and Social Care expects Tresiba FlexTouch 100units/ml pens to be out of stock in the UK until December 2024.

Your healthcare team might give you the option of continuing to use Tresiba insulin in cartridge form.  


There have been recent discontinuations of two forms of insulin products: 


In March 2024, the Department of Health and Social Care issued a Medicine Supply Notification for Novo Nordisk’s InnoLet 100units/ml suspension for injection 3ml.

These pre-filled disposable devices are being discontinued and remaining stock is set to run out by the end of May 2024.

This discontinuation applies to both Insulatard Innolet and Levemir Innolet devices.

As an alternative to Insulatard Innolet pre-filled pens, healthcare professionals have been advised that Humulin I KwikPen 100units/ml suspension for injection 3ml pre-filled pens remain available and can support increased demand.

As an alternative to Levemir Innolet, healthcare professionals have been advised that Levemir FlexPens and Levemir Penfill cartridges remain available and can support increased demand.  

More information and support 

Douglas Twenefour, Head of Care at Diabetes UK, said:

“We know it can be unsettling if people have to change how they manage their diabetes. With this in mind, we’re asking healthcare professionals to take into account the circumstances and needs of anyone affected. This should include a discussion to ensure they can continue to manage their treatment, and should include a prescription for any new device they need.” 

There are also currently shortages of GLP-1 agonists in the UK. You can read more about our response to these supply issues.

If you have any further concerns or questions over your insulin treatment, contact the Diabetes UK helpline either by email at, or call us on 0345 123 2399.  

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