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12 year-old Jenny’s life was put in danger after a severe hypo at school, because her school didn’t know they needed a plan to care for children with medical conditions like Type 1 diabetes.

No child should have to suffer in school like Jenny did. That’s why, together with other members of theHealth Conditions in School Alliance(HCSA), we’re backing her mother Louise’s call for this to change - known as the Safe in School campaign. You can help by signing Louise’s petition to make sure all children with diabetes are kept safe in school.

Watch Louise's video and read more about her campaign further down. You can alsoread her story.

Sign and share Louise’s petition


Safe in school campaign

Up to 2 million children live with long-term medical conditions in England. Sadly many of them are not getting the care they need in school because schools are not aware of what’s expected. We asked schools across the country if they had a medical conditions policy in place, as they are legally required to. Shockingly over two-thirds could not show they did.

Louise’s petition is asking school inspector Ofsted to check that schools have the right procedures in place to keep children with medical conditions safe. It also asks government ministers to do more to make schools aware of their responsibilities.

Thanks to the determination of campaigners like you, children with Type 1 diabetes in England won the legal protections they needed back in 2014.  Now those children need your support again, as we work to make sure schools know about their legal responsibilities to keep children with medical conditions safe.

Help us make sure all children with conditions like Type 1 diabetes stay safe in school.

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