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Diabetes in Schools

Diabetes in schools

We believe that every child with diabetes deserves the same education and experiences at school as their classmates. 

We know there’s a lot to think about when a child with diabetes starts school, changes school or has a new teacher. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or a member of staff at school, we can support you to make sure a child with diabetes is getting the care they deserve and the same opportunities as other children. 

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What we want good diabetes care in school to look like

We want every child with diabetes to feel confident and safe at school. Below is what we think good diabetes care in school should look like for every single child with diabetes. 

  • No child with diabetes should be excluded from any part of the school curriculum.
  • Every child with diabetes should have access to extracurricular activities, including overnight stays and trips aboard. 
  • Schools, locals authorities and health services should work together to make sure they meet the needs of children with diabetes. 
  • Paediatric diabetes teams should provide training and support to schools, so school staff have the skills and confidence they need to look after a child with diabetes. 
  • No parent should be relied on to go into school to treat their child’s diabetes. 
  • Every child with diabetes should be allowed to inject insulin, in public or in private, depending on their wishes. 
  • Every school should have a medical condition at school policy, which is updated every year. 
  • Every child with diabetes should have an individual healthcare plan, which details exactly what their needs are and who will help them.
  • Parents should provide up-to-date information about their children’s diabetes needs and all the supplies needed to manage diabetes in school. 
  • Don’t assume that all children with diabetes have the same needs. 
  • All school staff should know what to do in case of emergency and at least two people should be trained in how to care for a child with diabetes. Planned staff absences should be co-ordinated so that there is always one trained person in school. 
  • Schools and parents should agree on a clear method of communication
  • Children with diabetes should never be left alone when having a hypo or be prevented from eating or drinking to prevent or treat a hypo. 
  • Children with diabetes should never be prevented from blood testing or taking insulin and should be able to look after their equipment themselves.
  • When children with diabetes have exams, specific plans should be included in that year’s individual healthcare plan and agreed between the schools, the child and their parents. 
  • Children with diabetes should not be sent home frequently or penalisied for poor attendance when absence is related to their diabetes. 
  • Every child with diabetes should be listened to and their views taken into account. 

Good Care in Schools

We know it takes a lot of thought and effort to make sure diabetes doesn't get in the way of a child's education. We want to make sure every school has the knowledge and support to provide good care in schools. We made our Good Diabetes Care in Schools pack to help you get there. 

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