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Diabetes in schools resources

This page is filled with lots of useful resources to help support and inform best diabetes care in school, for schools and parents. 

parent%20pack%20update%20.pngType 1 diabetes at school: School Pack

This pack will help you make sure your school provides the best care possible for children with Type 1 diabetes.

parent%20pack%20update%20.pngType 1 diabetes at school: Parent Pack

This pack will help make sure your child gets the care they need at school so that their diabetes doesn't affect their learning.

school%20exam%20icon%20mtg%20webpage%20.pngResidential school trips and exam tools

In May 2016 we released two digital interactive tools; one for residential school trips and one for exams. We are now calling on schools and families to put these into use and to tell us what they think.

View and download the tools

Medical%20conditions%20policy.pngSample Medical Conditions Policy

Download a sample Medical Conditions Policy (PDF, 214KB)





Statory Guidance: England – legal duties on schools

Children and Families Act 2014

The statutory guidance, Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions, is available to read on the Government website,

Good Diabetes Care in School Award flyer

diabetes%20card.pngDiabetes card

Designed for a child to carry with them at school, the diabetes card (or ‘hypo card’) states that the child has diabetes and what to do if they have a low blood glucose level (hypoglycaemia). Great for children and young people to carry around when they’re at school - particularly high schools where children interact with lots of different teachers.

Download from the online shop

looking%20after%20children%20with%20type%201%20.pngIHP – a child's individual health care plan

Download a sample IHP (Word, 370KB)




Type 1 diabetes at school log booklog%20book%20image.png

Download your free Type 1 diabetes at school: log book (PDF, 4MB)




Free downloadable presentations

Make the grade campaign presents a selection of free downloadable presentations for three audiences, allowing school staff, health care professionals or volunteers to provide up-to-date information to students or staff.

Download the presentations here

Take action

Make sure diabetes care in schools makes the grade!

Get involved


Student films about diabetes in school

Watch the films at school or as part of an assembly


Created by 11–17-year-olds as part of the 2015 Diabetes in School Short Film Competition, these three-minute films show what life with Type 1 diabetes is really like for children and young people, and what care parents and teachers should expect at school.







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