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Diabetes Week

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It's Diabetes Week. Let's talk about diabetes.

Diabetes Week 2018 took place from 11-17 June, and this year we wanted to #TalkAboutDiabetes. We know that talking about diabetes isn’t always easy, but a good conversation can be really useful, whether that’s with your healthcare team, friends and family, colleagues or even people you’ve just met.

All week we shared our top tips for having better conversations and asked people with diabetes to share theirs on social media and online. Check out all our favourites below. 





Our top tips

Thanks for getting involved. Now that you've read the top tips for having conversations about diabetes from Diabetes week, why don't you take a look at ours? We have tips for talking about diabetes with your friends and family, your employers and colleagues, and your diabetes team. We've also got advice for those who know someone with diabetes. 


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