Diabetes education

Living with diabetes becomes a lifelong learning process once you're diagnosed.  National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines recommend that  people with diabetes and/or their carers be offered education programmes to help manage their condition. Diabetes UK advocates that all people with diabetes, whether recently diagnosed or those with pre-existing diabetes should receive the education and support they need to enable them to manage their own diabetes.  

Managing diabetes can be exceedingly demanding, often requiring you to make lifestyle changes – stopping smoking, changing your diet and physical activity levels, taking medication and monitoring your blood glucose levels.

It is imperative that you have the right information, skills and support to manage your diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes and Me

Diabetes UK, in partnership with Bupa, has created an interactive online e-learning programme to help people with Type 2 diabetes understand and manage their diabetes successfully. Find out if the programme is suitable for you and what it covers.


Getting more information

There are some different education courses for people with diabetes, and they vary in length and the types of topics covered.

  • Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) for people with Type 1 diabetes
  • Diabetes Education for Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND) for people with Type 2 diabetes
  • The X-PERT Diabetes Programme for people with Type 2 diabetes and the X-PERT Insulin Programme for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

There are also a number of locally based courses and initiatives. It is important that any diabetes education course provides you with information on how to manage your diabetes through diet, physical activity and medication. You can speak to your healthcare professional about the courses that are available in your area.