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Children and diabetes

Are you worried your child has diabetes? Find out the symptoms of diabetes in children.

Having a child who has diabetes can be tough sometimes.

Your child will probably have to take insulin to treat it. They'll either use a pen or a pump and will eventually be able to do this by themselves with your help. Find out more about pens and pumps.

Find out what diabetes tech your child may qualify for following updated guidelines in England and Wales

Claiming Disability Living Allowance to cover the cost of extra care for your child.



Need to talk?

Having a child with diabetes can be difficult sometimes. We're here if you need support, and to give any information you might need as your child grows up. Become part of our community.

Call our helpline on 0345 123 2399

Find a local support group

Join our conversation, and hear from other parents

Join our support forum


What is type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 is the most common form of diabetes diagnosed in children. We can help you understand the biology and the basics.

Symptoms of diabetes in children

Going to the toilet a lot, being really thirsty, being more tired and getting thinner are some of the symptoms. Find out more.

Their reaction

When you're diagnosed with diabetes, it's often a confusing and frightening. We have information on how to help your child cope and understand their diabetes.

Coping with caring for a child with type 1 diabetes

Diabetes affects everyone differently, but it also affects the people close to it daily too.

Family relationships

Type 1 diabetes can affect the whole family so it's important to get everyone the support they need.

Diabetes at school

We know that care in school is really important. We can provide you with different tools to make sure your child is getting the care they need and deserve.

What to expect when your child moves into adult care

Transitioning into adult care can be hard for both you and your child. We have information to help you make this move as smooth as possible.
Illustration of the My Life characters

My Life - a Guide for Kids With Diabetes

Helping a child with diabetes to understand their condition can be tough sometimes. But you’re not alone. My Life is a free guide to type 1 diabetes for children.

Your child and type 2 diabetes

If your child has been diagnosed with, or is at risk of type 2 diabetes we're here to help. Find out how to support them and get more information on what they need to live well with diabetes.


Nobody knows a child as well as a parent, but eventually you'll have to trust others to look after them. We've got a checklist to help you plan safe childcare when you need it.

Physical activity and your child

Having diabetes shouldn't stop your child from playing with their friends, joining clubs, or even just running around outside. We've got all the information you need about physical activity.

Order your Type 1 bag

We've created our Type 1 bag filled with resources, guidance and stories, to help you make your child's first year with diabetes as simple as possible. Please note we are currently out of stock, however more stock will be coming soon.
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