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Type 1 Events refresh

We've made the decision to pause our Type 1 Events programme so we can carry out a refresh. This means we won’t be holding any events until 2019.

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Our Type 1 Weekender is designed for children with Type 1 and their families. Come along to meet other families living with Type 1, share tips and ask questions.


As a parent or carer you’ll know that Type 1 diabetes affects the whole family. You’ll have had hard days followed by late night tests, scary readings and moments of joy and relief too. So will all the other families on our Type 1 Weekender.

Type 1 Weekenders are designed for children with Type 1 and their families, whether it’s parents, carers, siblings or grandparents.

Your child and any brothers and sisters will head off with our trained volunteers, including healthcare professionals, who’ll be looking after them when they’re not with you. They’ll get to meet other children with Type 1 and take part in a range of fun-filled activities, including an exciting trip out.

There will also be some informal time spent learning a little more about diabetes.

Along with the chance to meet and chat to other families who understand what you’re going through, you’ll have the chance to quiz our experts.There will also be sessions tailored especially for you. So, whether it’s becoming more confident with the basics or learning something new, we’ll be able to help.

We might not be able to tell you exactly how your child’s insulin pump tubing gets so knotted but you can bet you’ll meet someone who’s spent as much time as you have untangling one. And if you’re not sure how a pump works, don’t worry, you’ll get to meet other families using them at the Type 1 Weekender.

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