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Facts & Figures

More people than ever have diabetes. More people than ever are at risk of Type 2 diabetes. If nothing changes, more than five million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2025.


Around 90% of people have Type 2 diabetes. Around 10% of people have Type 1 diabetes. There are also other rarer types of diabetes like MODI, monogenic and gestational diabetes.

We’re fighting for a world where diabetes can do no harm.

We do it by campaigning to make sure everyone with diabetes gets the care they need to live well with diabetes. We provide advice and support so people can get to grips with their condition. And our research increases what we know about diabetes, discovers new treatments and will, one day, find a cure.

Annual diabetes prevalence figures

National Diabetes Audit

Diabetes workforce in figures

Diabetes Watch

  • Diabetes Watch online tool

    You can find out all about diabetes near you using our Diabetes Watch online tool. The tool tells you about the quality of care in your area, how many people have diabetes and how many people are at risk of Type 2 diabetes.
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