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Sharon's story: serial goal setter takes on Swim22

Sharon's dad


Swimming in memory of her late father who had type 1

I'm doing this for my dad. He was an exceptional man and dealt with all the complications of diabetes so bravely. This is for him.

Sharon decided to take part in Swim22 as she had been thinking a lot about doing something in memory of her father and mother. Now in her forties, one of her fears is developing diabetes later in life. Here she shares how she decided it was time to look after her health and to do something her father would be proud of, by taking on the swimming challenge.


Sharon's Swim22 story

In his 30's my dad was diagnosed with diabetes and was desperately ill. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which my dad always said was very rare to be diagnosed with this at that age.  
Due to being off work really ill, my dad was fired from his job. It was a tough time for the family. Even scarier was being a teenager and seeing my dad going into hypos.  One time people walked by him thinking he was a drunk, in the middle of the pavement when in fact he was having a hypo.

My dad got another job once he was on his feet and worked up until he had a stroke. He kept fighting. Several years later, he had another stroke on the other side and was left paralysed. It still didn't stop him.
In his sixties, in a wheelchair, he had another complication and ended up in hospital where he developed sores in both feet. He ended up bedridden for a full year, with both legs now infected.

My mum passed away and though he tried, he could not go to her funeral due to the severe pain. The doctor advised us that he needed his legs amputated and that this could kill him. He consented to the removal of one. He developed pneumonia and died seven weeks after my mother.



The Challenge

I’m already swimming, I enjoy it very much and it helps my spinal health as I have a back condition. I believe that I can do the challenge as I swim twice a week at my local pool. Each year I set myself goals to work towards. Last year was swimming in lochs and climbing Munros (Scottish mountains that are over 3,000 ft) and swimming with my wee dog Lexie! (That was number 1 on my bucket list). This year, I want to swim Loch Ard, my favourite place.  My father loved the outdoors and would have loved Loch Ard.

If you’re thinking of taking part in Swim22 go for it! Set yourself small goals, not only is this good for your physical health it is also good for your mental health. Don’t be down if you don’t reach 22 miles, it’s the trying that is more important.

I’m taking part because of my dad.  My wonderful father, my hero. He was so important to a lot of people and he never gave up.  All the challenges he faced through diabetes, he faced head on. He was an exceptional man and dealt with all the complications of diabetes so bravely. This is for him.

I feel very proud to be a part of Swim22.

We're grateful to have Sharon on our Swim22 team, why not join in Swim22 to help people with diabetes?

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