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FreeStyle Libre 2 - James E's review


James self-funds the FreeStyle Libre 2 for his type 2 diabetes as he can't get it on prescription.


"Able to get virtually real time figure for my blood sugar levels. Wakes me at night if hypo starts before I need an ambulance (in time for me to do something about it).

The same applies to hypers (rare) which tend to occur during the day. Gives me averages for a range of measurements including HbA1 and tells me percentage time in target.

Easy to show people if in trouble — they understand a red flashing number more easily than a standard meter."

"Thanks to my Libre 2 I have not had to call an ambulance for many, many months and indeed in recent weeks I have been achieving many days of 100% in target range."


"I live in South Gloucestershire so have to self-fund, despite meeting NICE guidelines for NHS funding. It's very expensive. Postcode lottery as to availability. Had several faulty from new.

Many clinicians seem unable to use the excellent app that comes with it."

What led you to use tech?

"I use massive amounts of insulin — circa 110 fast-acting and 80 glargine per day — 8 to 10 injections per day but constantly having hypos and hypers (when trying to cut down owing to weight gain).

Was getting infections from amount of blood testing pricks, several myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) attributed to unstable diabetes, finger infections from prick tests. Daughter-in-law was prescribed Libre 2 so I contacted Libre for trial. Massive improvement in weeks."

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