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Ramadan and Diabetes

Diabetes UK are offering advice and support to anybody living with diabetes who is preparing to fast during Ramadan, to help them manage their condition safely.  

Choosing whether or not to fast is a personal choice. However, getting information and advice ahead of Ramadan is very important – particularly for people living with diabetes as they are at increased risk of complications. Diabetes UK are encouraging anyone living with diabetes who is preparing for Ramadan, to speak to their diabetes team and their Imam to help them to decide what is best for them. 

If you decide to fast during Ramadan, it’s a good idea to include more slowly absorbed foods (low GI), such as basmati rice and dhal, along with fruit and vegetablesin your meal before starting each days fast. It is also important to check your blood sugar levels more often than usual and if they drop too low, you should break your fast. 

We advise people that if they are unwell or have any symptoms of COVID-19 they should not fast and call their GP for further advice.  

For more information on diabetes and Ramadan visit: 

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