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Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) - Anne's review


Anne Stewart, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 55 years ago, was prescribed the Dexcom three years ago to help with hypo unawareness. 

"I started having no feelings of hypos or hyperglycaemia, and the nurse said I was better off on Dexcom. I had no idea what it was. I went on a DAFNE course with several others and we learnt a lot about it and got a huge booklet to fill in. And she then gave us a Dexcom. She helped me set it up and showed me how to use it with my mobile. It wasn’t difficult. And I’ve never looked back. Occasionally the sensors don't work. But if I ever have any problems I ring Dexcom up and they’re brilliant." 


"I try and keep my blood sugar levels within 4 and 10 (mmol/l) - which the nurse set up on the Dexcom. If it goes below 4 or above 10 it bleeps and it gives you a chance to do something about it, either eat something or have more insulin.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever had for my diabetes. I wish I’d had the Dexcom earlier."

"I’m a very positive person, and having diabetes has never affected the quality of my life. But it was a bit of a worry not having feelings of high or low blood sugar. And I don't need to worry anymore." 

"I was finger pricking a lot before and if I was out, I used to do it in the toilets because people don’t want to see you doing it. 

I’ve been using it for three years now. I don’t think I’ll ever get my hypo and hyper awareness back, but that doesn't worry me now.

Having the Dexcom is also very reassuring. Before I had it, I ended up unconscious once when I got my pens mixed up and got a massive dose of insulin. But my partner was sensible and called for an ambulance."

"Both my sons’ mobile phones are connected so they can see what my blood sugars are doing too."

"James, the one who lives near, called me up last night because for some reason my blood sugar levels were 22. He understands it very well. And he comes straight over and helps sort me out. My healthcare team are also connected. My partner's phone is ancient and can’t be connected but he doesn’t understand diabetes so well, and I’m with him lots of the time."


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